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The Ocean Rentals (TOR)

The Ocean Rentals (TOR) is a company founded and developed by professionals from the hotel, financial and vacation home sectors, who have combined their knowledge and experience, making it available to those who wish to get the most out of their property and investment. Our company has developed an efficient system, uniting all the aspects that imply an efficient management of each property, taking into account the specific and characteristic aspects of each one of the accommodations, and proposing an optimal marketing for each circumstance. Our multiple properties endorse us, and place their trust in our know-how, working together with a team of professionals at the disposal of guests and owners. Trust our criteria when it comes to getting the most out of your property.

Our services include

Legalization of housing

To start renting a Vacation Home requires certain procedures and knowledge that, in many occasions, the owner of the accommodation does not have. We help you to manage and advise you in all these procedures, free of charge, to face the holiday commercialization with all the guarantees.


The most important thing to offer your accommodation on the platforms are pictures that speak for themselves. We all choose first by the images we see on the platforms. We offer the service of our photographer to take pictures that impress and invite you to stay in your accommodation. We give you the photos so you can use them freely. They are yours. Depending on the "game" that gives your home we will deliver between 30 and 100 photographs.

Total transparency

We offer full transparency to the accommodation owner.

Each owner will have access to our PMS (Property Management System). This tool will allow you to visualize at any time the reservations made in your accommodation, through which sales channel they have been made and the amount paid by each client.

Payments go directly to the owner's account. We invoice our commission at the end of the month for the stays made.

Payments go directly to the owner's account. We invoice our commission at the end of the month for the stays made.

The most important thing for a long and mutually beneficial partnership is trust, and trust is earned through transparency.

Secure your home

Lo normal es que su vivienda ya tenga un seguro de hogar. It is important that you contact your insurance company to inform them of the holiday use of your home.

Si no tuviera seguro de hogar, estaremos encantados de ayudarle a buscar y ponerle en contacto con nuestros colaboradores, que le harán sin duda una propuesta muy interesante.


We work with the most important online sales platforms. We choose these platforms because of their importance in the countries of origin of tourists, such as Germany and England, but also France, Poland, Scandinavian countries, Eastern countries, etc. We have noticed a significant increase in tourists from these emerging countries for tourism in our islands. We register their accommodation on these platforms and maintain their profile. That means we constantly update them. It is one of many ways to maintain a good positioning and reputation on the platforms.

We are very dynamic with prices and we make offers when required by occupancy. We manage more than 100 properties in the north of Tenerife alone. We get the most benefit for you by maximizing the occupancy of your property. The platforms also score in our favor to respond to comments left by customers after staying. We always respond to these comments not only to improve the positioning, but also because we see it (in most cases) as a nice farewell as it allows us to thank the visit in public. With the answers to the comments we can win over the clients who are still not sure about the property they want to stay in. We give them the assurance that they are well received and always have a contact person.

Customer Service

From the moment the guest makes the reservation, we are in permanent contact with him/her. The procedure is as follows. Immediately after the reservation the client receives an e-mail where we explain the procedure of the check in and the collection of the keys. A few days before we coordinate the arrival time and we wait for him/her at the entrance to hand over the property. We check your personal data and fill in the travelers' report. The guest, during his stay, can contact us at any time to ask any questions or communicate any problems that may have arisen. A typical example is that the guest has left the key in the apartment and cannot enter. We can solve this type of incidents as soon as possible.

Maintenance of your home

We have our own maintenance team in our company. If there are minor incidents, small repairs, light bulb changes, etc., we usually solve them on the fly, without having to consult continuously with the owner. We agree with the owner to set a minimum amount from which we have to consult with him to proceed to correct the damage. At the end of the month we would send an invoice for the amount of the repairs. Our maintenance service is very economical, fast and efficient, which again results in the satisfaction of both the guest, to see the incident resolved, and the owner, to see that his investment is protected and the property is still in the best conditions to continue for sale.

Cleaning of your home

If the owner has a cleaning person, we will be happy to arrange cleaning schedules with them, depending on the arrivals and departures at the accommodation. If not, we have our own cleaning team who are used to working in holiday homes. The accommodation is cleaned immediately after each departure and left ready for the next arrival. Before a guest enters, our housekeeper will check that everything is perfect for the arrival of the guests.

We also offer laundry service, both for bed linen and towels. If you wish to make use of this service we have a fee of 5 euros per person for each reservation, broken down into: 4 euros for laundry service (each client leaves about 4kg of laundry approx.) and 1 euro for the "rental" of the linen, which we provide. This means that you do not have to buy bed linen or towels and you do not have to replace them when the client takes a towel, stains it or breaks it.

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